Hazard Mitigation Plan - 2017

Every day, unforeseen circumstances threaten Chisago County. Possibilities ranging from loss of life to loss of property, or jobs can be experienced from natural, technological, and human-made hazards.

Hazard mitigation planning is a collaborative process that jurisdictions undertake to develop a plan that outlines how they will protect themselves from hazards. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requires that this planning process occurs in all counties in states across the nation. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in a County or local government unit not being eligible for certain aspects of federal mitigation funding.

Mitigation actions implemented today will reduce the disaster recovery dollars needed for tomorrow. Hazard mitigation breaks the recurring damage/loss cycle. Mitigation is currently accomplished in several ways: construction, prevention, planning, and education. It is through these mitigation methods that a balance between the constructed and natural environments is achieved.

The overall goals of the hazard mitigation plan for Chisago County are to get people, property, jobs, and natural resources out of harm's way. The plan is organized in five related, but distinct areas that the planners believe will provide Chisago County and participating jurisdictions the most flexibility to achieve the noted goals. The following sections are included:

1. County Profile – This chapter contains information on the County's history, demographics, physical features, infrastructure, and emergency response

2. Hazards Profile – This chapter identifies and profiles the various hazards addressed in the plan

3. Risk Assessment – This chapter provides a risk assessment for each local governmental unit covered in the plan

4. Goals, Objectives, and Mitigation Strategies – This chapter identifies the specific mitigation steps the participating jurisdictions have committed to achieving the goals of the plan

5. Plan Administration – This chapter outlines how the plan will be administered.

The plan provides guidelines for dealing with present and future hazards. More specific steps are outlined in the County emergency response plans, watershed plans, County water management plans and zoning ordinances. The written plan does not replace existing operational mitigation plans currently in use, but supplements them, helping to reinforce and/or improve present and future mitigation. The finished plan depicts a unified and continuous effort and commitment by many dedicated people in Chisago County, all participating jurisdictions, as well as Minnesota Homeland Security Emergency Management, and FEMA.

2017 Hazard Mitigation Plan (PDF)