Public Ditch Data & Maps

Chisago County ditch records and descriptions underwent significant review and verification efforts in 2016 in conjunction with the Minnesota Clean Water Fund Grant. The resulting summary report was developed and is available for viewing at: 2016 Inventory Chisago County Public Ditch System Report (PDF).

In continued efforts to investigate and evaluate ditch information and ditch discrepancies revealed in the 2016 report findings, Chisago County recently commissioned further evaluation of Ditches 1, 2, 3, 5, 9 and 14 with the assistance of Bolten and Menk public infrastructure engineering and consulting services.

Chisago County maintains maps and information regarding the general location of the county's public ditch system. That information is available in our Interactive GIS map.

To view ditch information within the map, follow these steps:

  • View the Legend by clicking the button.
  • Expand the Chisago Dynamic Data, then Environment group.
  • Check the boxes for County and Judicial Ditches to make them viewable.

Ditches on GIS Map 

Additional ditch related maps can be viewed at Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) which provides a link to the State Buffer map and shows the location of all Public Waters and Public Ditches in the County and the State.