Chisago County Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP) has partnered with all public school sites in the county to expand access to healthy living and physical activity for students and staff:

  • Chisago Lakes School District
  • North Branch Area Public Schools
  • Rush City School District
  • Wyoming Elementary (Forest Lake Area School District)

Projects funded by SHIP in the schools have included:

  • Alternative learning stations, including standing desks and Hokki Stools, at Taylors Falls Elementary, Lakeside Elementary, Chisago Primary School, Rush City High School, and the Chisago County Schools’ Life Work Center to support student movement throughout the day
  • Flashing pedestrian crosswalk systems near busy intersections in North Branch, Rush City, and Taylors Falls to expand safe options for walking and biking to school
  • GaGa Court for Wyoming Elementary to encourage increased student physical activity during recess, Physical Education classes, and outside of the school day
  • Tower Gardens and/or raised garden beds for Chisago County Schools’ Life Work Center, Wyoming Elementary, North Branch High School, Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Community Education to teach vegetable gardening skills and healthy food choices
  • Updated kitchen equipment at C.E. Jacobson Elementary and Rush City High School to allow for expansion of healthy breakfast and lunch choices

Interested in partnering with SHIP?

Technical assistance, funding, and other resources may be available for projects that aim to increase access to healthy foods and physical activity and reduce the use of tobacco products. For more information, contact:

Elizabeth Stenson, SHIP Coordinator by phone at 651-213-5241 or Email Elizabeth or

Madelyn Jensen, Community Health Specialist at 651-302-5456 or Email Madelyn