Public Health Nuisance

What is a Public Health Nuisance?

A public health nuisance is defined by Minnesota law as any activity or failure to act that adversely affects public health.

  • Improperly stored solid waste, such as rotting garbage or dead animals
  • Insect or rodent infestations.
  • Evidence of a meth lab or other clandestine drug manufacturing.
  • Unsafe living situations (lack of sewage disposal or garbage house) that affect children or vulnerable adults.

Foodborne Illness

Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has developed a model for investigating foodborne illness using a centralized group of epidemiologists and interviewers coordinated with local environmental health departments. This approach allows us to rapidly respond to reports of outbreaks, standardize outbreak investigations, maintain a statewide database of foodborne disease, and distribute information quickly and consistently. 

  • Foodborne outbreak Basics Information about what an outbreak is and how you can find out if one is occurring
  • Please contact the Minnesota Department of Health you have a foodborne or waterborne illness. MDH will relay the necessary information to the appropriate local health authorities.

Moisture and Mold


Is a type of fungus. Mold spores are found in both the indoor and outdoor air, but they will only grow if they find the right conditions. Look for signs of moisture or mold

  • Mold can have a cottony, velvety, granular or leathery texture
  • The color of mold can vary from white, gray, brown, black, green or other colors
  • Mold damage may look like discoloration or staining on the surface of building materials or furnishings
  • Noticeable mold odors are described as musty or earthly


Mold needs water to grow. Controlling moisture in your home is the best way to prevent mold problems.

  • Repair Leaks and Spills Quickly
  • Divert Water Away from the House
  • Reduce Condensation

Keeping your home free from mold and moisture problems is key to a healthy home. Check out the links that at provided below for materials and advice from subject matter experts on mitigation of moisture and mold in your home!

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