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Community Health Data Profile

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Data is the lifeblood of public health practice and research. Data is essential for surveillance, epidemiological investigation, research, program development, implementation and evaluation. Sharing routine public health data is crucial to understanding what is going on in our county.

Public Health has compiled nine (9) data stories on various health topics that affect Chisago County community residents, members and employees. These data stories are centered around social determinants of health, which are the economic and social conditions that influence individual and group differences in health status.

The nine (9) data stories that make up the Community Health Data Profile are: 

  1. Access to Health Care
  2. Adequate and Safe Housing
  3. Employment
  4. Health Concerns
  5. Healthy and Affordable Food
  6. Healthy Environments
  7. People and Place
  8. Quality Education
  9. Transportation.

For specific data requests or any questions on data in the data stories, please Email Madelyn. Data tables are updated as new data becomes available.

Additional Health Data

2017 Community Health Survey Data (PDF)

2019 Minnesota Student Health Survey Data (Chisago County)(PDF)

2016 Minnesota Student Health Survey Data (Chisago County)(PDF)

2013 Chisago County Data Book (PDF)

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