Services provided at the Jail include: Banking, Commissary, Food, Healthcare, Mail and Phone.


The Chisago County Jail maintains a trust, bail, and lien account for every inmate. The trust account may be used to purchase items from the commissary, co-pays for medical services, and other incurred expenses. Account balances are considered private data and Jail Staff are unable to disclose any information relating to an inmate’s account balance.


Commissary service for the Chisago County Jail is provided by Turnkey Corrections. Inmates can purchase personal hygiene items, writing accessories, and food items. To add money to an inmate’s account, please visit or stop by the Jail lobby and utilize the Turnkey kiosk.


The Chisago County Jail provides inmates three well balanced meals per day. The menu provided in the Chisago County Jail meets the Minnesota Department of Corrections standards for caloric intake and has been approved by a licensed dietitian.


The Chisago County Jail has a contract with Advanced Correctional Healthcare to provide medical and mental health care services to inmates.


The Chisago County Jail processes all incoming and outgoing mail correspondence; this mail is scanned and inspected to detect criminal activity and compliance with court orders. All incoming mail must contain a full return address, including the sender’s name. Mail must be addressed to the inmate as follows:

[Inmate Name] - Chisago County Jail
15230 Per Road
Center City, MN 55012


The Chisago County Jail has a contract with Reliance Telephone to provide phone, texting and video calling services for inmates, and to set-up a complete tracking and recording of all calls and texts made, with the exception of attorney calls. To set up a collect call account, purchase of a phone card, or to fund an inmate’s communication "Wallet" (texting and video calling account), please go to Reliance Telephone. Video calling is completed through an app called "Reliance Connect", which is available from the Google Play or Apple App Stores. Inmates can place a video call to a phone number associated with a Reliance Connect account at any time during the day and fund the visit using their ’Wallet" balance at the rate of $0.25/minute. Please note: video calling is unavailable during scheduled lobby visitation hours.