Freeze the Disease Campaign

Freeze the Disease is a campaign centered on getting outdoors this winter. For many of us, seeing friends and family outside this Fall and Summer – which experts can agree on is much safer than gathering indoors – has been crucial for staying connected and staying active during COVID-19. Now that temperatures have dropped and the freezing weather hits Minnesota, the typical response is to hibernate indoors on the couch and binge our favorite Netflix show. This year, keep going outside! Being outside is good for both our physical and mental health. There are a number of studies that confirm that being outdoors, even for just 30 minutes a day, has immense health impacts. The COVID-19 vaccine is here and we have begun vaccinating priority groups, but it will take time to vaccinate the general population. We must continue our efforts to Freeze the Disease Chisago County. Share our VIDEO: Freeze the Disease Campaign amongst your friends and family and remember to Stay Vigilant, Be Patient, and Get Outdoors.

Freeze the Disease Flyer – Fire (PDF)

Freeze the Disease Flyer – Shovel (PDF)

Free the Disease Flyer – Hockey (PDF)