Burial Assistance

The Burial Assistance program is designed to help families of deceased indigent individuals who are unable to afford the cost of burial /cremation expenses.

Chisago County may be available to assist families when a person dies with insufficient funds/assets to pay for their final disposition. The amount of funds available will vary based on a variety of circumstances. There may be restrictions put on the goods and services available when using county assistance for a burial/cremation. Minnesota law allows a county to use cremation in lieu of burial when there are no objections by the next-of-kin.

Chisago County Disposition (Cremation and Funeral) Policy (PDF)


An application for a County burial will be completed by a family member or other interested party prior to receipt of services. Application will be submitted to the Collections contact, Financial Assistance Supervisor or lead worker.

Funeral Director will need to provide an itemized statement of Goods and Services. Collections Officer, Supervisor or lead worker will give verbal approval by phone to the Funeral Director that the County will pay for the burial, up to the guidelines for payment established. Approval for county payment must be given by the county prior to services being rendered.

Supervisor or lead worker will refer to Collection Officer for Claim against Estate.