Fraud Prevention

Chisago County actively pursues and investigates suspected fraudulent activity. If a person intentionally gives false information or conceals facts about their situation, in order, to receive or increase their benefits, they may be subject to prosecution or administrative action. This could results in felony-level charges, sentencing, and disqualification from receiving more program benefits. Selling or trading Election Benefits Transfer (EBT) benefits. Cash Assistance or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is also fraud.


For suspected fraud involving recipients of cash, food, childcare or health care assistance, call Chisago County Health & Human Services (HHS) at 651-213-5200 or 651-213-5601, or call the State Fraud Hotline at 800-627-9977, or Metro at 952-297-4147. Callers may remain anonymous.

Online Reporting

Those wishing to leave an anonymous tip may also do so by completing the Online Minnesota Fraud Hotline Form.