Election District Boundary NoticeChisago County Redistricting 2022

To the voters of Chisago County, State of Minnesota:

Notice is hereby given that the Congressional, Legislative and County Commissioner district boundaries for Chisago County have been reestablished for 2022 and future elections.

The table represents all areas of redistricting by precinct. The maps represent recently adopted County Commissioner boundaries and Congressional and Legislative boundaries.

MAP: Chisago County Commissioner Districts - Adopted: 04/13/2022 (PDF)
MAP: Chisago County with Congressional and Legislative Districts (PDF)

RESOLUTION NO. 22/0413-1: Redistricting Plan of the Chisago County Board of Commissioners (PDF)

If you have any questions concerning either the district boundaries or your resident in these districts, please contact the Chisago County Auditor-Treasurer's Office at 651-213-8500.

Table of Boundaries for Districts - County, Congressional and Legislative 2022

Bridgitte Konrad