Active Living - MN MOVES

Active Living – MN Moves

The Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP) focuses on active transportation – walking, biking and rolling to destinations – to create opportunities for movement to be part of everyday living. 

SHIP Strategic Directions

  • Create environments where people move regularly throughout the day year round
  • Create and promote routes to everyday places within a community to make it safer for walking, biking, rolling, and using transit.
  • Reduce the need for car rides by supporting investments in walking, bicycling and transit

Chisago County Physical Activity Partnerships and Projects:

Chisago County SHIP partners with schools, community sites, and workplaces to create or update policies, support grant writing, conduct assessment, and promote programs and activities. If you or your organization would like to discuss how Chisago County could support you, email [email protected] 


Chisago County partners with school districts to support movement during the school day. Examples of MN MOVES programs Chisago County partners with schools on:

  • Reviewing and updating physical activity and recess policies
  • Encouraging active movement throughout the school day
  • Creating outdoor classrooms for outdoor learning
  • Implementing Safe Routes to School 6 E’s (Evaluation, Education, Encouragement, Equity, Engagement and Engineering)
  • Providing technical assistance and grant writing support for  Safe Routes to School
  • Hosting training and supporting integration of Walk! Bike! Fun! curriculum into classrooms
  • Hosting a Bike Rodeo or community event
  • Being a member of the school wellness committee

Previous school partnerships & projects:

  • Encouraged and provided active learning stations, including Hooki stools and standing desks
  • Basketballs, yoga mats, pickleball balls and nets granted to Community Ed programming
  • Bike racks to encourage active transportation
  • Outdoor classroom materials – outdoor whiteboard, easy-to-assemble chairs
  • Supporting Walk, Bike, and Roll Days each fall and spring
  • Supporting Walk!Bike!Fun! trainings for school staff

 Community sites:

Chisago County partners with community members and local organizations to increase physical activity opportunities. Examples of MN MOVES partnerships in the community include:

  • Improving safety and access for active transportation and mobility (bicycle and pedestrian planning)
  • Partnering with Chisago County and city parks to build inclusive, equitable places to be active
  • Providing technical assistance, supporting grant writing for active living applications, and evaluation support

Previous Community partnerships & projects:

  • Updating Chisago County Parks & Trails brochures and maps
  • Benches to support parks and trails visits for people of all ages
  • Safe Routes to School – flashing crosswalk systems to expand safe options for walking, biking, and rolling to school
  • Supporting Safe Routes to School grant writing and technical assistance 


  • Chisago County partners with workplaces to support active movement throughout the workday. Examples of MN MOVES partnerships in workplaces include:
  • Supporting active transportation to and from work
  • Supporting regular movement throughout the day through promotion of physical activity programs, small exercise equipment, and signage/maps

 Previous Workplace partnerships & projects:

  • Supported funding for basketball hoop to promote physical activity throughout the workday
  • Supported disc golf and snowshoeing to promote physical activity before, during, or after the workday
  • Encouraged group fitness activities through wellness committees