Minnesota Moves


Moving is vital for our health: in daily life, as transportation, for recreation, and to foster thriving communities. Many communities have been systematically denied access to these kinds of movement, especially people of color, people with disabilities, low-income and low-wealth communities, Black communities, indigenous communities, youth, and older adults.

Strategic Directions:

  • All people in Minnesota move regularly throughout the day. People in Minnesota move regularly because opportunities to do so are a natural part of their day.
  •  Activity-friendly Routes to Everyday Destinations. Routes and destinations within a community are welcoming, inclusive, affordable, and convenient for people walking, biking, and using transit. 
  • Work to reduce auto trips to help achieve public health goals regarding climate change and transportation by supporting investments in walking, bicycling, and transit.

Long-term outcomes: 

  • People in Minnesota move regularly because opportunities to do so are a natural part of their day. 
  • People in Minnesota have safe routes to places that support their health year-round. 
  • Minnesota is building a culture of getting places by walking, bicycling, and riding transit by default. Minnesota has improved air quality, increased physical activity, streets that are safe for everyone, casual social cohesion, reliable and affordable access to destinations, preservation of land, and a more balanced transportation system. Minnesotans understand the connection between transportation and health.

Previous partnerships & projects:

  • Encouraged and provided alternative learning stations, including Hooki stools and standing desks. 
  • Basketballs, yoga mats, pickleball balls and nets granted to community ed programming
  • Bike rack
  • Outdoor classroom materials – outdoor chalkboard, wobble seats, standing desks
  • Safe Routes to School – solar powered / flashing pedestrian crosswalk systems to expand safe options for walking and biking to school - Walk/Bike/Roll to School Days with North Branch Area Public Schools
  • Provided opportunities for Move Mindfully training
  • Gaga Court to encourage increased student physical activity during recess, physical education classes, and outside of the school day