Minnesota Eats

All people in Minnesota experience an equitable, just, nourishing, and resilient food system that is responsive to change

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Green Tractor with person loading dirt into garden bin

  • Work in partnership with community to assess and shape their food system, considering culturally diverse assets and opportunities across multiple sectors.
  • Strengthen cross-sector and cross-setting connections to increase healthy and culturally appropriate food access at every age and in every place.
  • Work in partnership to build a resilient local food system that benefits the health of consumers and producers, while protecting natural resources.

  • Communities are connected statewide to drive solutions to identified needs in their food system. 
  • People have access to healthy food throughout every stage of life and in every setting.
  • Create sustainable connections within local food economies/systems that increase production and sales of Minnesota-grown foods for the health of all.
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Previous partnerships & projects:

  • Expanded community gardens in North Branch and Lindstrom to allow for more opportunities to grow healthy foods. 
  • Supported Rush City Schools in partnership with Family Pathways to implement weekend backpack food program. 
  • Installed hydration stations in several schools, libraries, and city halls within the county to promote drinking more water throughout the day.
  • Partnered with the Women’s Environmental Institute to expand production. 
    1. This allows for more Veggie RX box distribution and reduces food insecurity in partnership with Fairview. 
  • Promoted healthy eating fridge options for staff to utilize during breaks and increase access to affordable and healthy foods. 
  • Tower gardens and/or raised garden beds at schools to teach vegetable gardening skills and healthy food choices