Commercial Tobacco-Free -MN CTF

Commercial Tobacco-Free - MN CTF

The Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP) works with communities to improve access to commercial tobacco prevention and quitting information.

 SHIP Strategic Directions

  • Preventing initiation and use of commercial tobacco and nicotine products among youth and young adults
  • Eliminating commercial tobacco and nicotine use and secondhand smoke disparities

 Chisago County Commercial Tobacco-Free Partnerships and Projects:

Chisago County SHIP partners with schools, workplaces, health care systems, and the community to create commercial tobacco-free policies, infrastructure, programs, and activities. If you or your organization would like to discuss how Chisago County could support you, email [email protected] 


Chisago County works with school districts to provide prevention and quitting education. Chisago County staff are available to join wellness committees to help review and strengthen policies. Examples of Chisago County’s commercial tobacco-free work with schools includes:

  • Supporting adoption of updated comprehensive model policy to include e-cigarette and vaping language, alternatives to suspension, technical assistance through SHIP staff and the Public Health Law Center, and activities to support adoption, implementation, and enforcement of policy updates
  • Engaging youth in activities to support implementation of policy
  • Implement new or enhance commercial tobacco / vaping evidence-based prevention curriculum or classroom materials
  • Developing systems to support and promote youth focused cessation resources or implanting a referral process for youth focused resources, such as My Life, My Quit

Previous school partnerships & projects:

  • Tobacco / vaping education curriculum support, videos, and models for upper elementary students
  • Partnering to review tobacco / vaping policies and reframe referral processes

 Community Sites:

  • Point of Sale audits
  • Smoke-free housing initiatives
  • Promoting smoke-free outdoor community and cultural spaces and events

 Previous community partnerships & projects:

  • Point of Sale audits in local organizations


  • Ensuring commercial tobacco-free workplaces through:
    1. Policy updates
    2. Promotion of cessation programs
    3. Hosting workshops or trainings on benefit of going smoke/tobacco free for employers / employees
    4. Positive messaging materials to promote tobacco-free campus or benefits of quitting
    5. Information and handouts on tobacco-free policies for visitors

Previous workplace partnerships & projects:

  • Providing educational materials to share in employee breakrooms


  • Integrating tobacco-free grounds and tobacco treatment
  • QuitPartner referral integration
  • Public Health QuitPartner Referrals in WIC, FHV, mental health services, etc.

Previous healthcare partnerships & projects:

  • Developing referral process to support cessation efforts