Common Document Rejection Reasons

Common Reasons Real Estate Documents are Returned

Most common reasons real estate documents are returned without recording:

  • Document does not have a title.
  • Grantor and/or Grantee names missing.
  • Marital status omitted or unclear.
  • The legal description is not consistent or is questionable when compared to records.
  • Well information is missing from a transferring document.
  • Delinquent real estate taxes due.
  • Electronic Certificate of Real Estate Value (eCRV) number is missing from document or is not complete.
  • Incorrect mortgage registration tax.
  • The recording fee included is incorrect or combined with Auditor/Treasurer fees. Separate checks are required for Auditor/Treasurer and Recorder.
  • Document is not signed.
  • Document does not have original signatures.
  • Notary acknowledgment is not complete - date missing, stamp or expiration date missing.
  • The draftsman statement is missing or incomplete (full address is required).
  • Name and address of where to mail future tax statements is not supplied.