Workplace Wellness

Chisago County Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP) partners with both for-profit and non-profit employers in the community.

2023 Workplace Wellness Collaborative

Are you interested in increasing employee productivity, decreasing absenteeism, improving morale and well-being, and managing health care costs? Then investing in the health of your employees is an important step to take. Chisago County SHIP (Statewide Health Improvement Partnership) is here to help! Starting in January 2023, Chisago County SHIP is offering employers a free, 6-month opportunity to learn about starting and/or building their wellness programs. The program focuses on helping employers make sustainable changes to create healthy opportunities for their employees every day!

Worksite Wellness That Works

Wellness Collaborative Registration Information

Workplace Wellness Strategy Objectives

Employers will implement activities to support workplace wellness through the following tasks:

1) Learning the foundational elements of workplace wellness (building a wellness team, securing leadership support, creating a mission and branding, how to communicate to staff, and assessment)

2) Gain knowledge on active workplaces, healthy eating at work, breastfeeding friendly worksites, tobacco free worksites, and worksite well-being

For more information on Workplace Wellness, to schedule a 1:1 consultation or to join a future collaborative, contact Elizabeth by phone at 651-213-5233 or email