Green Acres Information

Green Acres Qualifications

Only property that is classified as class 2a agricultural land is eligible for enrollment in the Green Acres program. The property must also meet one of these seven ownership requirements:

  1. The parcel is the homestead of the owner or their surviving spouse, child, or sibling. This also includes any contiguous parcels which are farmed in conjunction with the homestead.
  2. The applicant or the applicant’s spouse, parent, or sibling (or any combination) has owned the contiguous and unoccupied agricultural parcel or parcels for at least seven years prior.
  3. The parcel or parcels are farmed in conjunction with property within four cities and townships from property that has been owned by the owner, owner’s spouse, parent, or sibling (or any combination) for at least seven years.
  4. The parcel contains a nursery or greenhouse that is owned by an individual or the nursery or greenhouse operation is owned by a qualifying entity. A qualifying entity is one owned by a proprietor, partnership, or corporation.
  5. The parcel is a homestead of a member or shareholder of a family farm corporation or an authorized farm entity under Minnesota Statute 500.24.
  6. The parcel is a homestead of a member or shareholder of an entity not regulated by  Minnesota Statute 500.24, but where the majority of the members, partners, or shareholders are related and at least one of them lives or actively farms the parcel.
  7. The parcel is a homestead of a shareholder of a corporation that derives 80% or more of their gross receipts from the wholesale or retail sale of horticultural or nursery stock.

Note: If a parcel is enrolled in the Sustainable Forest Incentive Act (SFIA), enrolling in Green Acres will violate the SFIA conditions.

Green Acres Fact Sheet (PDF)

Green Acres Application Requirements

Green Acres and Rural Preserve applications are to be submitted to the County Assessor's office. Applications are due by May 1.  

The assessor may ask for supporting documents to prove that the property meets all requirements for enrollment.  This may include copies of schedules or forms from the most recent federal income tax return showing farm income. 

The taxes paid in the following year will reflect the valuation under the program. If you are granted deferment through these programs, you do not need to file annually. The assessor may request information at any time to verify continued qualification.

Green Acres Application (PDF)

Green Acres Application - Entity Owned (PDF)

Green Acres Addendum Form (PDF)

Land removed from the program is required to pay back the deferred tax for the current year and two previous years. You must also pay back any deferred special assessments plus interest once the entire parcel is removed. 

Effective 2/15/2023 - Any quote or billing is subject to a $50 processing fee per parcel. Properties that are being split are subject to an initial $100 processing fee per mother parcel and then $50 for each parcel within the split.  All requestors must complete the questionnaire and pay the fee prior to the quote being considered or processed.

REQUEST A QUOTE - If a quote is requested and it's determined that the Buyer qualifies to continue, we will notify you. If at that time the Buyer plans to continue then the Continuation Notification Form MUST be completed and returned to the Auditor-Treasurer's office. Applications are different than a Continuation Notification.  The Auditor-Treasurer's Office will supply the form and it MUST be submitted within 30 days to avoid billing.

PAY GA QUOTE FEE ONLINE - please put your confirmation number on the request form.
a 2.5% convenience fee will be charged by the vendor

Rural Preserve Information

If there is non productive land on your parcel that was properly enrolled in green acres in 2008, or can now be properly enrolled, you may apply for the Rural Preserve Program. On January 2, 2013 the non productive land currently enrolled in green acres will be removed.

Rural Preserve Fact Sheet (PDF)

Rural Preserve Application (PDF)