Opioid Data

Chisago County Overdose Data

Data gathered from Minnesota Department of Health Opioid dashboards, and from emergency room visits related to non-fatal overdoses.

Year Fatal OverdosesNon-fatal Overdoses 

Minnesota opioid related data can be found on Minnesota Department of Health’s opioid dashboard. The dashboard contains detailed information on overdose deaths, opioid-related hospital visits, the number of opioid prescriptions dispensed, the prevalence of substance use disorder, and more. 


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Recovery Community Organizations  

Chisago County Public Health data collection and education outreach

To provide the community and the future Advisory Council with the foundational information and data they need to be a successful council, we have conducted multiple Community Forums and Focus Groups to obtain additional, locally relevant data to support the decision-making process of the Advisory Council. The assessments and presentations developed for this purpose can be found below.