Property Tax System

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Property Tax Classification Rates

We've compiled property tax classification rates for the current and previous years for you.
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Property Tax Credit

A reduction of taxes on property that has been declared a disaster by the government body. Examples would include a tornado, fire, flood, or any other natural disaster.

Please contact our office for qualifications and to apply.

Property Classification

The Minnesota property tax system includes a system of classification, based on use. Classification is a definition of how the property is used, determined by its ownership and use. Classifications such as homestead, commercial, and agricultural describe the primary use of a property, and affect the amount of property tax paid.

The assessor determines the classification or use of each parcel. Each classification is taxed and receives credits at a different percentage of market value. These percentages are set by the State Legislature.

Tax Deferments

Blind / Disability

There are classifications for the blind and/or disabled. If all owners do not occupy the property, a partial homestead classification may be given. 

To apply for the blind or disability classification

Taxpayers seeking the blind or disability classification must make application to our office. For the application material and more information, please call 651-213-8550: call 711 for Minnesota Relay, or Click here for the application

Disabled Veteran

Disabled Veteran 70% or more, not total and permanent

Disabled Veteran 100% total and permanent

Surviving Spouse of a 100% disabled Veteran

Disabled Veteran Caregiver