Absentee Voting


You may vote early by using an absentee ballot, instead of voting in person at the polling place on Election Day. You have the option of voting absentee either by mail or in person. Absentee voting starts 46 days before the election.

Voters in the military and citizens living outside the United States use a different process to vote absentee. Please visit the Military & Overseas Voter Services website.

Vote Absentee In Person

You can request, receive and cast an absentee ballot in one visit.  Stop by the Chisago County Auditor-Treasurer's Office 46 days prior to an election and you may vote in person during the following times:
  • Monday - Friday during normal business hours 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • The Saturday prior to Election Day 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
  • The Monday prior to Election Day 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • During the eighteen days before an election a voter may vote via Direct Balloting when available. This alternative allows the voter to cast their ballot directly into the ballot counter.

If you are not registered to vote, you will need to complete a voter registration form and show proof of residence before casting your ballot. 

Vote Absentee By Mail

You may apply by online application for ALL elections or use the paper application (PDF) for all elections except for the PNP.  If you are applying for the PNP please be sure you are using the PNP paper application.  

Election officials will mail the absentee ballot materials to you soon after receiving your application. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid your ballot being rejected. You will also need a witness. The witness must be another registered Minnesota voter, or a notary from any state. Return the ballot on or before Election Day. Delivery options are:

  • Mail it in the provided pre-paid envelope. The ballot MUST arrive by 8pm the day of the Election.  
  • Deliver it in-person to the Chisago County Auditor-Treasurer’s Office (Not at the Polls) by 8:00pm the day of the Election.  See also Ballot Drop Box below.
  • Have someone else return your ballot to the Auditor/Treasurer's Office by 8:00pm on Election Day.  That person may only return for a maximum of 3 people.  That person will be required to complete an Agent Delivery form as well. 
  • You MAY NOT deliver or use your absentee ballot at the polling place on Election Day

If you are not registered to vote, a voter registration application will be included in the mailed materials.  You must show your witness an accepted proof of residence when registering. 

Ballot Drop Off Box

Absentee Ballots can be deposited in the drop box located at the end of the sidewalk near the FedEx & UPS boxes just east of the front entrance of the Government Center.  The box is monitored by 24/7 video surveillance and emptied 2 times per day.

  • You may deposit your own ballot only.
  • You may NOT deposit another voters' ballot.  Those ballots must be returned to the Auditor/Treasurer's Office directly and you will be required to sign an Agent Delivery form.
  • You may NOT deposit a ballot for another County.
  • Ballots WILL NOT be accepted after 8pm on Election Day

When there is a special election, all absentee voting is processed by the entity holding the election.  Be sure you contact them rather than the County.

A special election is an election held outside the uniform election dates

Example 1 - a city that has a special election to fill a vacant city council seat would provide the absentee voting materials to the voter.  

Example 2 - a school district that has a referendum question would provide the absentee voting materials to the voter.

Township elections are held in March each year, separate from a general election.  For this reason, all absentee voting is processed by the Township.  Be sure you contact the Township rather than the County for your AB request.

2024 Township Elections

Because of the 2024 Presidential Nominating Primary (PNP) being held so closely to the Township election, the County will be handling ALL absentee ballot applications for both.