The County Administrator's Office provides central administration to all County Departments. The Administrator is responsible for the overall management of county operations, and for carrying out all decisions, policies, ordinances and resolutions of the Board of Commissioners.

Over the last 30 years, county boards across the state have recognized the need to expand into professional management for the county, mostly as a result of increasing demands placed on counties for the delivery of services.

Professional Management

Three forms of professional management currently exist in Minnesota statute: County Administrator, County Coordinator and County Auditor-Administrator. Chisago County operates under the County Administrator plan. The Administrator is the head of the county for the management of the county affairs placed in the Administrator's charge. If required by the County Board, the Administrator is the supervisor of all county institutions and agencies, and of non-elected department heads.


The Administrator also is responsible for the preparation and execution of the county budget, including a long range capital expenditure plan, and serves as the purchasing agent for the county. As of September 2000, 33 counties had established the position of County Administrator. (Ramsey County uses the title of County Manager.) The County Administrator serves at the pleasure of the County Board.

Chisago County Mission Statement

Chisago County was created by the State of Minnesota to serve, to protect, and to enhance the quality of life for those we serve. We perform our duties and obligations in an ethical, democratic, and respectful manner.