County VA Programs


The Chisago County Veteran Service Office operates a 9 passenger van for the purpose of providing transportation from the curbside of your residence to and from the Veterans Affairs (VA) Health Care System in Minneapolis, the VA Health Care System in St Cloud, or the VA Health Care System in Maplewood. Enjoy the benefits of a safe drive, relaxed day, meet other veterans and take care of your health needs. The van does not run on holidays or weekends and is not used for emergencies.

Check out our Need A Ride? Flyer (PDF) for more information.

Passengers must be able to travel on public transportation. Our policy does not permit our volunteer drivers to lift passengers into and out of the vehicle. We also cannot transport anyone with a serious or acute medical condition, as our drivers are not Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) trained.

A veteran may be accompanied by a family member if their physical or mental condition warrants an escort.

It is the responsibility of the veteran to schedule a ride with our office, no later than 48 hours prior to the appointment date. This is extremely important, because the schedule (pick up times and locations) will be confirmed with the driver and passengers by noon the day before the appointment. Please schedule your appointments in the morning whenever possible.

Please contact Wendy at  651-213-5605 to schedule an appointment. Wendy will call you the day before the appointment to tell you the time for pick-up in the morning.