Property Tax Information

The Auditor/Treasurer's Office handles the calculating, billing and collection of all property taxes. The department also handles other property items such as

  • Property combinations and splits
  • Documenting all land transfers for name and address maintenance
  • Special assessments
  • Tax forfeiture process
  • Settlement of collected tax dollars to the local units of government

When will my statement be sent?

  • Real Estate - by March 31st each year
  • Mobile Home - by July 15th each year

Statements will also be available online approximately 1 to 2 weeks after the mailing date.

Print a tax statement

Moving or Selling a Mobile Home?

If you are planning to move or sell your mobile home, you must have a Tax Release Letter signed by the Chisago County Auditor-Treasurer stating there are no taxes owing on the mobile home. You must provide a current title with the sellers name prior to the letter being issued.

The Certificate of Title must be accompanied by the Tax Release Letter at any Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicle office when making the transfer. The closest location is the Chisago City DMV.