Patrol Division

The objective of the Chisago County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division is to protect the community through proactive policing strategies and to promote public safety through education and enforcement.


The Patrol Division provides a wide range of services to the growing population of over 50,000 residents in Chisago County. The Patrol Division consists of 6 sergeants who are assigned to patrol, contract cities, special events, and/or training; and 16 deputies, most of whom work 12 hour shifts providing continuous coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Chisago County's 444 square miles. Patrol officers have mobile data computer systems in their patrol cars to enhance officer safety. These systems provide officers with the ability to perform driver license and registration inquiries and are linked to state and national databases to alert officers of persons who are wanted, missing and/or endangered. The sheriff's office handled over 48,880 calls for service in 2013.


The Patrol Division is generally the first contact citizens have with the sheriff's office as they respond to all emergency and non emergency calls for service, citizen complaints, medical and fire calls. Patrol officers are responsible for the enforcement of the criminal code and motor vehicle laws of the State of Minnesota, along with county ordinances, designed to protect life and property. Patrol officers are highly trained, receiving mandated license training and additional in service instruction on a continuous basis, which develops skills needed to provide the best service possible for our community. They preserve the peace, maintain order, prevent crime, and are responsible for the initial investigation of all crimes that occur within the county. They apprehend fugitives and arrest criminals, interview victims, suspects, and witnesses; collect evidence; direct and control traffic; issue traffic tickets; investigate motor vehicle crashes; and give testimony in court.


The Chisago County Sheriff's Office is community oriented and strives to enhance partnerships with the community in a problem solving capacity. This philosophy allows us to prevent, solve and reduce crime while enhancing the quality of life in Chisago County. Although the patrol division's duties can be unpredictable, and at times hazardous, the rewards for the officers who work patrol are many. The patrol division officers have many functions within the community and pride themselves in professionalism, dedication, teamwork, excellent customer service skills and community partnerships.

Event Security

If you need a deputy for or at an event, email Captain Derek Anklan at 651-213-6304. A security rate will be charged.

The Patrol Division is commanded by Captain Derek Anklan, who can be reached at 651-213-6304 or by emailing Derek Anklan.