Building permits are required for all decks that are attached to the home or are 30 inches or more above grade. Decks less than 30 inches above grade and not attached to other structures do not require a building permit but are required to meet setbacks as set forth in the zoning ordinance (PDF).

Permit Fees

A construction value is determined at the time of application. The building permit fee will be based on that value and is designed to cover the cost of a plan review and the field inspections that will be done during construction. The fee for decks up to 200 square feet in area runs approximately $186. The permit fee is required at time of application. We accept cash or checks. Credit cards may be used with a 2.5% vendor fee, and cannot be accepted over the phone.

Plan Review

The plan review is done by the building inspector to foresee potential problems. The inspector may make notes on the plan for your use. The plan review and inspections are not designed to be a guarantee of the work, but are done to provide a reasonable degree of review and observation so the project will be successful, safe, and long lasting.

Applying for a Permit

Upon application general information will be needed such as:

  • Address
  • Legal description
  • Name
  • Tax parcel number

You will be asked to draw a site plan on the application itself, showing the existing location of the house, proposed location of the deck, and setbacks from road, property lines, etc.

Two copies of building plans are required, please show footing detail, placement of footings, joist size and spacing, railing and stair detail, and any other pertinent information on your plans.

Required Inspections

  • Footings: Once the holes are dug, prior to the placing of any concrete
  • Framing: To be made after all framing, blocking, and bracing are in place, and prior to covering the construction, so it is accessible for inspection
    • This inspection can be completed at the time of the final inspection if all parts of the framing will be visible and accessible.
  • Final: To be made upon completion of the deck and finish grading

Please have inspection card on site, accessible to the inspector during all inspections.

Deck Handout


For questions regarding a permit, please call 651-213-8372.

For code questions please contact Justin Colberg by phone at 651-213-8370.