Pole Building

Pole Building Information

Required information to obtain building permit to construct pole buildings:

  • Two sets of plans, including:
    • Cross section with post and truss spacing, post sizes
    • Roof purlin (grade, size, and spacing)
    • Elevations
    • Floor plan with dimensions
    • Footing sizes & depth
  • Copy of manufacturer’s truss design.

For questions regarding permits call 651-213-8370.

Galvanized steel siding or roofs are not allowed on residential structures and their accessory structures.(unpainted). Agricultural structures are exempt from this requirement.

No accessory building or structure other than a fence or a temporary construction office shall be permitted on any lot without a principal structure (house), except a residential accessory structure provided a building permit for the principal structure has been issued and the foundation inspection has been completed and approved.

Note: In Rural Residential Zoning Districts the exterior appearance and color of accessory buildings shall match the dwelling as close as possible. Boxed eaves and rakes are required if present on home. The height of non-agricultural accessory buildings in the rural residential districts shall not exceed the height of the principal structure (house).

Required Inspections call 651-213-8370 to schedule

  • Site: before permit is issued (house height and setbacks will be verified)
  • Footing: after footing excavation before concrete is placed
  • Framing: after main framing is complete.
  • Final: after building is complete and final grading is done (Framing and final inspections can be combined if interior of building is not to be finished)
  • Electrical: by electrical inspector Mark Thoma (320-309-9483)

General Guidelines

  • Footings - minimum footing depth is 42 inches. Footings must be poured concrete or precast
  • Snow Load – Chisago County – 50# ground load.
  • Roof Purlins – Size and spacing for trusses 8 foot on center:
    • #2 SPF 2 x 4 Maximum spacing 20 inches on center
    • #2 SPF 2 x 6 Maximum spacing 24 inches on center
    • MSR 1650 2 x 4 Maximum spacing 24 inches on center
  • Code questions can be directed to Justin Colberg at 651-213-8370.