Escrow and/or LandShark Account Authorizations

The Chisago County Recorder offers escrow accounts for payment of recording fees, copies, search and send (mail/email/fax requests), and LandShark remote access.

To open an escrow account complete the Escrow Authorization (PDF) form and return it to the recorder along with an initial deposit. You will receive an email confirmation with your company account number once your account has been activated.

To access your escrow account for payment, a recording slip (PDF) including your escrow account number must accompany documents. Your account number will be needed for email document requests as well as copy payments.

LandShark is the program used for remote access to the Chisago County tract index and recorded documents. Frequent users will probably want a subscription to LandShark while occasional users may access LandShark using a credit card or checking account with a one-time use fee of $5 plus $.25 per page viewed/downloaded.

Subscription based: An escrow account is required for payment of fees for LandShark subscriptions. LandShark fees will be automatically deducted from your escrow account on the first of each month per your LandShark Agreement. An original Escrow Authorization Form (PDF) and Remote Access Agreement (PDF) along with an initial deposit of $100 or more is required to begin a subscription LandShark account. There is a one-time set-up fee of $50 plus a minimum of $50 per month fee that includes 250 pages per month. Chisago County will mail a monthly statement of escrow account. It will be your responsibility to monitor your account balance between statements to be sure the monthly rate you selected can be deducted from your escrow account on the first day of the month.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding Escrow or LandShark accounts.