Platting property is done as part of the development process. There are various types of plats and various reasons to plat. 

For information on the steps involved prior to recording a new plat, please refer to the "Platting Procedural Guide (PDF)" under the Environmental Services Department.

The plat Statute, MN Statute 505, has changed. As of August 1, 2007 hard-shell plats will no longer be required. The new requirement in Chisago County is for 2 signed 22 inches by 34 inches mylar copies. One should be labeled "Original" in the top margin and the second labeled "Surveyor's Copy" also in the top margin. We will no longer require the 11 inches by 17 inches unsigned copy.

Please work closely with the appropriate zoning authority regarding the many other requirements to platting property. Recording is the final step to the process.

The recording fee for a plat is $56 payable to the Chisago County Recorder.

Abstract/Torrens Platted Property List (PDF)