Minnesota Merit Application Form

All Human Services Department applicants need to participate in the Minnesota Merit System as part of the application process.


Minnesota Merit applications are available on the Minnesota Health and Human Services Department website, to apply complete the Minnesota Merit Application.

There may be a separate supplemental application form that corresponds with an opening. The supplemental form needs to be completed and submitted at the same time as the employment application.


All applications must be received in person by 4:30 p.m. on the closing date or postmarked no later than the closing date. We are not responsible for misdirected applications.


Screening of the applications for each particular vacancy will be based solely upon the submitted application form and supplemental information.

Unsolicited applications will not be considered.


Minnesota Merit application forms may be:

  • Submitted via fax at 651-431-7460
  • Hand delivered or mailed to: Merit System
    P.O. Box 64997
    St Paul, MN 55164-0997
  • Emailed: If you choose this option, you would be submitting your application and/or resume via an unsecured method

Paper vs. Online

Paper applications are still accepted, but it does slow down the process considerably. It is particularly advantageous to apply online.

The time between closing date and exam administration has been shortened, because Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services will include the exam date, location, and time with the online notice.

You will also be able to receive an email notice to report for the exam in lieu of mailed notices.