Funding Sources for Disabled Persons

Private Health Insurance

May pay for assessments, adaptive equipment, therapy, counseling, and/or supportive services.

Medical Assistance (MA)

A federal program that pays for medical care and some support services for low income families and individuals 18 years or older.

Tax Equity and Financial Responsibility Act of 1982 (TEFRA)

TEFRA is a program that provides medical assistance for children with qualifying disabilities who live with their families and do not qualify for medical assistance because the family's income is too high. There is a parental fee based on family income and family size.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) / Retirement & Survivors Disability Insurance (RSDI)

Cash benefits payable to children with qualifying disabilities whose families have very limited income. At age 18, family income is no longer considered for eligibility.

Group Residential Housing (GRH)

Funding for room and board in assisted living sites licensed under GRH licensing rules.

Medical Assistance Waiver Programs

Must be on MA or TEFRA to be considered. Eligibility for these programs is determined by collaboration of Chisago County's social services and public health teams.

Consumer Support Grant

The Consumer Support Grant (CSG) is a state funded alternative to MA reimbursed home care. The CSG program provides a monthly monetary grant to provide eligible consumers with greater flexibility and freedom of choice in service selection, payment rates and service delivery.

To be eligible for the CSG program a person must be on Medical Assistance, and be eligible to receive home care services from the MA Home Care Programs.

For more information regarding the CSG please Contact Social Worker and Consumer Support Grant Coordinator with Chisago County Health and Human Services Department, Jennifer at 651-213-5612

Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS)