About the Program

Adopt-A-Highway is a public service program providing volunteers an opportunity to help keep Chisago County looking clean for all residents and visitors. Volunteer groups are designated a specific section of roadway and are responsible for keeping that section free of debris and trash. Groups are asked to clean their designated section at least two times a year, but are welcome to do it more frequently.

Anyone working within the road right-of-way is required to wear an ANSI-compliant reflective vest. The Public Works Department provides trash bags and safety vests for each group.

There will be a recognition sign installed on all segments of Adopt-A-Highway roads.  This sign specifically thanks the group involved for helping to keep roads and ditches clean.

For additional Adopt-A-Highway information and to arrange a time to pick up your bags/vests, contact Tami Fairbanks by calling 651-213-8700 or Email Tami Fairbanks.

Available Sections to Adopt

Chisago County could use your help in keeping our county highways clean of litter:

The Chisago County Adopt-A-Highway Program very much appreciates your efforts in keeping our county highways clean and safe for all users and visitors. 

Volunteers typically apply to adopt at least two miles of highway for two years and are responsible for cleaning that stretch at least two times per year. In return, the adopter’s name is recognized on a sign along that stretch of highway. 

Adopt-A-Highway participants are always appreciated!

Scout Troop 11 Lent Trail Clean Up

CL God Neighbors Club

Adopt-A-Highway Rush City Lions