Chisago County has 18,866 acres of lakes, rivers, streams, etc., most of which are governed by the Shoreland Management Ordinance (PDF) which was adopted in October of 1992. The classification of lakes as well as setbacks, bluffs, vegetation and topographic alterations are addressed in this ordinance. Information regarding the altering of shoreland can be found on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website.

Chisago County has a new Shoreland Checklist for Lake Stewardship (PDF) guide.  Visit the checklist for:

  • Information on permits needed and what shoreland property owners can do on their shoreland, 
  • Understanding ordinary high water levels (OHWL), and 
  • Links to water protection resources and frequent contact information.  

Grading & Filing Permits

Grading and Filling permits (PDF) are required if you plan to move more than 10 cubic yards of earth within shore impact zone (one half the setback distance) or on a steep slope. All other areas require a permit if you plan to move more than 50 cubic yards within 1000 feet of the lake. Please contact Jeff Fertig with questions regarding grading and filling at 651-213-8370.

Important Information

For information regarding floodplains please contact 651-213-8370 or see the County Ordinance below.