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The US General Land Office commenced the survey of Chisago County in 1847 and completed the final subdivision of 17 townships in 1855. During this period, 1700 Public Land Survey Corners, which are the basis of all land ownership in the county, were established. It is the primary duty of the County Surveyor and his staff to recover, preserve and maintain the location of those corners for the benefit of all property owners in the county.

In addition to this primary responsibility the division duties include:

  • Develop and maintain a countywide network of 31 geodetic control monuments to serve as basis for horizontal and vertical control for the county coordinate system, aerial mapping public land resurvey information. .
  • Prepare and maintain the parcel maps for the GIS Department, half-section maps and other mapping as requested by other county departments. Maintain a land information database that includes resurvey information, copies of public and private surveys, certificates of location of government corners, GLO township plats and field notes, recorded subdivision plats, section maps, township road orders and current and historic aerial photos and county survey records.
  • Under the authority of Minnesota Statute Chapter 389.09 and Chisago County Ordinance 99-2, the County Surveyor checks and approves all subdivision plats and registered land surveys for compliance with Minnesota Statue Chapters 505 and 508.47.
  • Provide professional surveying services and expertise to county departments and other governmental agencies.
  • Creating highway right-of-way plats, easement descriptions and horizontal and vertical control for the highway construction.

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