Public Works Permits - Access, Transportation, Utility, Etc.

Public Works Permits

Chisago County Public Works regulates and grants approval for the use and occupancy of county highway right-of-way under its jurisdiction for various uses through a permitting process and a document known as a right-of-way permit.  Any individual or entity must first receive an approved permit application to legally use, encumber, or place a facility within county highway right-of-way.  Permit approval depends on meeting technical and legal guidance that incorporates the interests of Chisago County and of the applicant.  Changes, iterations, or extra processing of a permit application may be required.

Before beginning work within the county highway right-of-way, an individual or entity must submit the appropriate permit application form for review and approval.

Chisago County uses an online, fillable PDF application form.  Certain computer software requirements are required for the applicant's computer to work with the software version available at the County.  Handwritten as well as scanned electronic applications are still accepted.

Completed applications and required exhibits can be submitted via Email to Scott Johnson.  For permit questions, please call 651-213-8700.

Permit Fee Schedule

Access Permit

An access permit is required for any new driveway, field entrance, street or commercial access on a Chisago County highway.  An access permit is also required when changing the use of an existing access (e.g. changing a residential access to a commercial access).

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Special Road Use Permit

A special road use permit is required for parades, running or cycling races, exhibitions, festivals, etc. that occur on Chisago County highways.  Advanced planning is a key component to special events.  Approval by Public Works and/or the County Board as well as the Sheriff's Office is required before any permit will be issued.  Please allow 6 to 8 weeks to complete the application process.

The main purpose of the special road use permit is to provide standards for traffic control to ensure the safety of the participants and the traveling public.

Utility Permit

A utility permit is required for utility work (new or replacement) that occurs on Chisago County highways.

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Transportation Permit

A transportation permit is required for any oversize or overweight loads that are transported on Chisago County highways.

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County Ditch Permit

A county ditch permit is required for any repair, cleaning, or maintenance of a Chisago County public ditch.

Miscellaneous Work Permit

A miscellaneous work permit is required for work on any Chisago County highway that doesn't fall under any of the above permits.  This includes any miscellaneous excavation or grading, drainage work (not associated with a public ditch), construction related to development, etc. Questions, please call 651-213-8700