Zoning / Subdivision


The current Chisago County Zoning Ordinance was adopted in December of 2008. Here you can find Zoning Maps as well as descriptions of the different zoning districts. Information regarding setbacks, accessory structures, and architectural standards is also contained in this ordinance.

The County Zoning Office has zoning jurisdiction in the following townships:

  • Amador
  • Chisago Lake
  • Fish Lake
  • Franconia
  • Nessel
  • Rushseba
  • Shafer
  • Sunrise

For assistance determining what a property is zoned, or for zoning regulations in one of these townships, call our office at 651-213-8370.

For zoning information within city limits, or in Wyoming or Lent Townships please call the individual city / township.

  1. 2020 Zoning Ordinance Uncodified Version

Visit our Forms, Applications & Resources Page for additional Ordinances and Amendments


Most of Chisago County is zoned Agricultural, where a five acre minimum with 300 feet of public road frontage, and one acre buildable is required. At present, any subdivision of land which results in a parcel(s) less than 20 acres in size, and / or 500 feet in width, requires formal platting. Parcels which are at least 500 feet wide, and at least 20 acres in size are not required to have any road frontage and can be served with an easement.

Note - Building permit applications will not be accepted for new lots of record (split/plat) until the new parcel number has been created and entered into the County system.

The Subdivision Ordinance (PDF) which was adopted in May of 1999 outlines design standards for plats as well as the clustering option for subdivisions. The Platting Procedural Guide (PDF) takes you step by step through the subdivision process. There is helpful information for surveyors regarding the technicalities involved in platting in the Plat Manual.


For additional information regarding subdividing properties, and platting regulations, contact the Land Services Coordinator at 651-213-8370.