Special Task Forces- Ad Hoc Committees


The Chisago County Board may deem it necessary on an occasional basis to seek the advice, comments and participation of citizens in the examination of issues and challenges which would otherwise be the sole responsibility of a specific department. In order to accelerate the time frame for examination of specific issues and provide factual basis for the department to make its recommendations Special Task Forces, Ad Hoc Committees, or Study Groups may be appointed.


It is the purpose of these limited-term groups to:

  • Gather data, information, and citizen perspectives on the issue specifically charged to them by the County Board.
  • Assemble the information gathered, prepare recommendations and deliver them to the specific department for its review and evaluation.
    • The department will then present the final report and staff evaluation to the County Board for action.


The number of members of groups appointed under these guidelines will be recommended by the specific department to the County Board for final determination, but unless unique circumstances otherwise dictate the group shall not exceed (9) nine members. However, the groups may be composed of fewer members.

  • It is preferred that an odd number of members be appointed to avoid tie votes.
  • It is preferred that the appointees be reasonably balanced by gender, age, and location of home address in the county.
  • Should appointees be identified by position statements or philosophical commitments regarding the issues under study, to the extent possible there shall be reasonable balance of advocates, opponents and special interest groups which may or will be effected by the outcomes of actions which arise from the County Board's decisions.
  • The County Board may appoint technical advisors to assist the special study group.


Prior to assumption of its activities, the special task force or study group shall receive from the County Board a mission statement or direct charge of responsibilities and a list of expected deliverables.

Time Frame

The County Board shall determine, with the advice of the Department Head and County Administrator, the initial time line, expectations of meeting schedule and due date for submission of final report. The County Board will determine the propriety and length of any extensions.