Employment & Economic Development


As a result of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 and the state and federal anti-poverty funds that are provided by it, Chisago County contracts with Pine Technical College's Employment and Training Center (PTC) to provide employment opportunity services.

Participants in these services are referred by Chisago County Financial Workers to PTC Employment Counselors. An employment plan is determined based on available resources the Employment Counselor, PTC, and Chisago County have to offer and the employment interests of the participant.

Employability Skills Program

Many of those participating in the Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) attend Employability Skills Program (ESP), a group facilitated by the Work Skills Coordinator. This group meets twice a week for 4 hours a day to develop a resume, job search and job retention skills. Once group members complete those tasks, they can move on to Structured Job Search (SJS), where they are encouraged and supported to seek employment or volunteer opportunities.

SJS is facilitated by the Work Skills Coordinator, 2 days a week.

More Information

Call the North Branch at 651-213-5200 or Center City at 651-213-5600 for more information.