Chisago County Ordinances

Recording Number
96-1Curfew Ordinance (PDF)
98-2Tobacco Ordinance (PDF)
2000-12000-1 Right-of-Way Ordinance (PDF)

Application & Agreement for Excavation (PDF)

04-1Adopting Minnesota State Building Code (PDF); REVISED: 04/16/08A-497964
04-2Aggregate Removal Tax (PDF); REVISED: 12/17/08A-505727
05-1Clandestine (Meth) Lab (PDF)
* Medical Protocols (PDF)
* Declaration (PDF)
* Warning (PDF)
05-2Access Management (PDF)A-461727
06-1Prohibited Animal Ordinance (PDF)A-472012
07-1Individual Sewage Treatment System (ISTS) Loan Ordinance (PDF); REVISED: 04/20/11A-533009
07-2Citations Powers Ordinance (PDF); REVISED: 04/23/08A-497966
07-3Dangerous Dog Ordinance (PDF)A-487371
07-4(Interim) Adult Use Ordinance (PDF)A-488552
08-1Establishing Use Regulations for Waste-water Facilities within the Chisago County Sanitary Sewer District (PDF)A-497963
08-2Solid Waste Ordinance (PDF)A-504774
08-3Zoning Ordinance (PDF)

Chronological Index of Amendments to the Chisago County Zoning Ordinance 08-3 (PDF)
10-1Subsurface Sewage Treatment System Ordinance (PDF)A-522728
10-2Social Host Ordinance (PDF)A-525139
12-1Flood Plain Management Ordinance (PDF)A-542984
12-2Access to Non-Public Data for Non-Criminal Purposes (PDF)
2014 1120-1Solar Energy Systems - Amend Zoning Ordinance 08-3 (PDF)A-575008
15/0415-1Regulating the Use of Watercraft on Waterways within Chisago County (PDF)A-577046
2015 0520-1Ordinance Governing the Residence of Predatory Offenders (PDF)A-578814
17-0621-01Park Ordinance (PDF)A-600010
17/1018-1Buffer Ordinance (PDF)
2018 0418-1Solar Energy Systems (PDF)A-608613
060320-1Short-Term Rental Licensing Ordinance (PDF)632231