Chisago County Policies

2003-02Gambling Policy (PDF) 
RULEEstablishing Prevailing Wage (PDF) ; (Resolution No. 050119-3)
2005-02Facility Use Policy (PDF)  ; (Revised: 03/07/07)A-483119
2006-1Elected Official Out-of-State Travel Policy (PDF) ; (Revised: 01/06/09, 03/18/09, 04/15/09 & 04/22/09)A-510845
2006-2Investment Policy (PDF) 
2006-3Over/Under Policy (PDF) 
2006-6County Issued Credit Card Policy (PDF) ; (Revised: 12/16/09)A-518851
2007-1Meal and Lodging Reimbursement Policy (PDF) 
(Revised: 01/06/09); (Revised Name and Policy: 01/08/13)
2007-2Parks and Trails Land Acquisition and Development Funding Policy (PDF) ;   (Revised Name: 02/21/07) * Park Funding Application Form (PDF) A-482240
2007-3Scheduling Policy for Use Areas Within Chisago County Parks (PDF) ; (Revised Name and Policy: 09/26/07 and 12/15/10) * Standard user List for Use Areas Located at Chisago County Parks (PDF) 
* Park Use Areas Memorandum of Agreement (PDF) 
2007-4Acceptance of Gifts Policy (PDF) 
2007-5Septic Loan Program Policy (PDF) ; (Revised: 04/20/11)A-533008
2007-6Abatement Procedures Policy (PDF) A-496947

Park Policy Manual (PDF) A-493106
2008-1Septic Grant Program Policy (PDF) A-497965
2008-2Inmate Payment Policy (PDF) A-500016
2008-3Business Subsidy Policy and Criteria (PDF) A-500977
2008-4Tax Abatement - Tax Increment Financing Investment Policy (PDF) A-500978
2008-7Removable Media Use Policy (PDF) A-505726
2009-1Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Service Area Policy (PDF) A-513976
2011-1Cost Recovery Policy - ARMER Subscriber Fees (PDF) ; (Revised: 06/06/12)A-546010
2011-2Fund Balance Police (PDF) ; (Revised: 12/21/11)A-540332
2011-6Notice of Proposed Property Tax Statement (TNT Notice) Supplement
Insert Policy (PDF) 
2012-1Tobacco Free Policy on County-Owned Parks and Trails (PDF) A-542985
2012-2Veteran-Owned and Veteran-Aiding Small Business Contracting Policy (PDF) A-546011
2012-4Snow Policy 2012-2013 (PDF) A-550535
2012-5Mailbox Policy 2012-2013 (PDF) 
* Mailbox Support Diagram (PDF) 
2012-6Trash Container Placement Policy 2012-2013 (PDF) 
* Garbage Placement Diagram (PDF) 
2013-2Social Media Policy (PDF) A-564440
2013-3Wireless Telecommunication Device Policy (PDF) A-564439
2013-4Data Practices Policy (PDF) 
Purchasing Policy (PDF)

2023-1Policy for Ensuring the Security of NOT Public Data (PDF)
* Classification of Data on Individual Departments (PDF)