Online Credit/Debit or eCheck Payments

Online Payments are currently accepted for the following departments:  Auditor-Treasurer’s Office, Central Collections, Environmental Services, Health & Human Services, Parks & Trails, Probation, Recorder’s Office and the Sheriff’s Office. Be sure you select the link to the correct department before making your payment to ensure the payment is applied properly.

Auditor-Treasurer’s Office

Property Tax Payments  **Links to Tax System
Green Acres Quote Fee  
License Payments (ie: Auctioneer, Fireworks / Pyrotechnic Effects, Liquor, Precious Metals, and Tobacco)

Central Collections

{You MUST have received a letter from Chisago County Central Collections.}

Central Collections is responsible for processing payments on accounts that have gone into default. Central Collections can only accept payments if one of our departments has turned your account over to them to collect AND you have received a COLLECTION LETTER from Chisago County Central Collections. If you need to make payments on different accounts that are in default and we are collecting for multiple departments you MUST enter and process them separately.

Environmental Services

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Fees (Pay charges for HHW drop-off of Minimal Generator or non-contracted out of county residential)

Solid Waste Licensing

Once you have completed the necessary paperwork as detailed on the Chisago County Solid Waste Licensee Checklist (PDF) for a Hauler License and/or Solid Waste Facility License, either mail payment to Chisago County - 39649 Grand Avenue - North Branch, MN 55056 OR pay electronically by credit/debit or e-Check by using the LINK provided in the Application Form(s).

Health and Human Services

HHS Collections

Parks & Trails

Shelter & Campsite reservations/payments


Probation Fees

Recorder’s Office

Recording & Document Fees

Sheriff’s Office

Civil Process and Records Requests Fees

Fees for Online Payments

ALL Online Payments (EXCEPT for Property Taxes) will incur a 2.5% ($2.00 minimum) fee when paying with a credit/debit card OR a flat $1.50 fee will be assessed for eChecks up to $10,000.

Online Property Tax Payments will incur a 2.5% ($1.50 minimum) fee when paying with a credit card OR if paying by debit card you will incur a 1% ($1.50 minimum) fee OR if paying by eCheck you will incur a flat $1.50 fee up to $10,000 paid in taxes.