Award Recognition Program

About the Program

The Chisago County Sheriff's Office Award Recognition Program recognizes extraordinary acts by both law enforcement officers and civilians during situations which, as seen by both the public and law enforcement, require heroic acts of bravery and courage. The commendation and awards program of the sheriff's office is meant to honor those individuals who show qualities that go above and beyond what should ordinarily be expected and are valiant in their effort to preserve life, liberty, and property.

If you would like to nominate an officer or civilian for any type of outstanding service or duty provided within Chisago County, please complete an Application for Recognition (PDF). When completing the application, include as much pertinent information as possible. For assistance, such as obtaining a case number or an officer's name, contact Captain Andrew Mahowald.

Once the application is received by Captain Mahowald, the Sheriff's Office "Awards Committee" will review the application and details of the case. Once determination has been made as to whether the act is deserving of a specific type of award, the person or persons nominated will receive notification. If the nominee is a law enforcement officer, the proceedings will follow those guidelines outlined in the agency's directive. If the nominee is a civilian, they will be notified by Captain Mahowald and presented the appropriate award at a special event as designated by the Chisago County Sheriff.

A request to nominate an officer or civilian for any type of award or commendation should be based on personal knowledge. When submitting the application, please include all relevant facts, circumstances, and describe the action that is believed to be deserving of recognition.

For questions, please contact Captain Andrew Mahowald by calling 651-213-6303 or Email Captain Mahowald. Completed applications may be emailed to Captain Mahowald or dropped off at the Chisago County Sheriff's Office.