Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT)

The Chisago County Sheriff's Office Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) is comprised of specially trained sworn and non-sworn law enforcement personnel, who work in various divisions/units within the sheriff's office; team members respond to emergency critical incidents as a component of the Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.) Unit.

Working in partnership with the S.W.A.T. Team, the CNT works to establish an ongoing dialog and rapport with the person(s) involved in the crisis and can be instrumental in safely resolving the situation and reducing the chances of injury and/or loss of life. Team members gather information on the people involved, compile profiles, interview witnesses, and analyze intelligence information. Such situations include negotiating with armed, barricaded, and/or suicidal subjects; incidents where a hostage(s) has been taken; as well as a variety of other crisis events that threaten the safety of the community. These unusual situations can be very difficult and unpredictable, but can be effectively managed when utilizing CNT personnel and their equipment.

The Chisago County Sheriff's Office Crisis Negotiation Team's mission is to seek out a peaceful resolution to violent situations through communication and listening techniques. For more information about the Chisago County Sheriff's Office Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) Unit, email Sergeant Ryan Edmonds or call at 651-213-6369.