How do I get a license?

At the orientation training session, child care licensing staff will cover licensing rules and child care practice.

Department of Human Services (DHS) Licensing Applications can be found on the DHS Website - Child Care Licensing or on the Chisago County Child Care Licensing - Forms Page of our website.

After the county receives a completed application, a background study is completed of the applicant and family members. Background studies are completed by DHS and are fingerprint based studies.

When all application information has been received, and the background study is successfully completed a home licensing inspection is scheduled. Once the inspection is completed, and all other requirements are met, licensing staff recommends that the Minnesota Department of Human Services issue a license.

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1. Who must be licensed?
2. Is there a fee for licensing?
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4. How do I get a license?
5. Will child care licensing staff continue to help me once I am licensed?
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7. How long does the licensing process take?
8. How many children can I care for at one time?