Who can participate?

The great opportunity with community solar gardens is that anyone, or any group, can come together to kick-start a project. A congregation, a local government, a school, a community group or any group of customers can come together to develop a community solar garden. Agralite Electric Cooperative, Arrowhead Electric Cooperative, Inc., Beltrami Cooperative, Connexus Energy, Itasca-Mantrap Cooperative Services, Kandiyohi Power Coop, Lake Region Electric Cooperative, McLeod Cooperative Power, Minnesota Power (proposed), Moorhead Public Service, People's Energy Cooperative, Redwood Electric Cooperative, Runestone Electric Association, South Central Electric Cooperative, Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric, Stearns Electric Association, Tri-County Electric Cooperative, Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association, and Xcel Energy have existing programs. Potential participants in other territories will need to work with their local utilities to move a project forward. Once a project is available, participants can sign on if they are a member/customer of a utility and located in the same county where a project is located, or the adjacent county. In plain English, that means you can subscribe to a project in Xcel Energy territory located in Hennepin County as long as you are an Xcel Energy Customer and live in either Hennepin County or any of its surrounding counties (i.e., Ramsey, Dakota, Scott, Carver, Wright, Sherburne, or Anoka). Again, if there isn't a project close to you, then you can serve as the catalyst to kick start one.

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1. What is Community Solar?
2. Where did the name Community Solar Gardens come from?
3. Do I subscribe upfront? Is it a one-time subscription?
4. What am I purchasing when I become a subscriber?
5. How much can I buy?
6. How much does it cost?
7. What if I start using more energy?
8. What happens to my subscription if I move?
9. Who can participate?
10. Will my energy bill go up, down, or stay the same?
11. Can I claim that my home or business is solar powered?
12. Is the credit to my bill taxable income? Is the annual account settlement taxable?
13. How do I choose a developer?
14. What makes for a good Host Site?
15. Can a host site use energy generated on its roof (or a portion of it)?
16. What is the role of Finance?
17. What is the role of the Utility?
18. What is a Site Assessor?
19. What do the Outreach Partners do?
20. What are the Solar Gardens by Utility Territory & CERT region?
21. How can I subscribe to a community solar garden?
22. What are the Subscriber Requirements?