Why Neighborhood Watch?

It works. Throughout the country, dramatic decreases in crime and suspicious activity are reported by law enforcement professionals in communities with active watch programs.

Today's transient society produces communities that are less personal. Many families have two working parents and children involved in many activities that keep them away from home. An empty house in a neighborhood where none of the neighbors know the owner is a prime target for criminal activity.

Neighborhood Watch also helps build pride and serves as a springboard for efforts that address other community concerns such as recreation for youth, childcare, and affordable housing.

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1. Why Neighborhood Watch?
2. How Does Neighborhood Watch Start?
3. Who Can Be Involved?
4. What Does A Neighborhood Watch Do?
5. What Are The Major Components Of A Neighborhood Watch Program?
6. What Are My Responsibilities As A Neighborhood Watch Member?
7. What Activity Should I Be On The Lookout For As A Neighborhood Watch Member?
8. How Should I Report These Incidents?