How many people can visit and occupy a Short-Term Rental?

The overnight occupancy of a Short-Term Rental is limited to no more than two (2) persons per bedroom, plus two (2) additional persons, per principal building, OR no more than the subsurface sewage treatment system (SSTS) is designed to handle, whichever is less. Additional visitors, beyond the prescribed occupancy limit, are restricted from staying overnight.

Pursuant to the State Building Code, a sleeping quarter/bedroom is defined as being a minimum of 70 sq. ft. of habitable space that includes a minimum 4.5 sq. ft. clear opening egress window (must have a minimum of 20 inches in clear opening height and 20 inches in clear opening width and be no more than than 48 inches above the floor to the window sill). Additionally, a smoke detector must be present in each sleeping quarter/bedroom and a carbon monoxide detector must be within 10 feet of each sleeping quarter.

State septic system regulations identify minimum SSTS design capacity at 150 gallons per day, per bedroom. Tank only systems will require septic tanks large enough to handle daily flow rates per bedroom. To be licensed, each Short-Term Rental must present current septic system compliance inspection/certification records (conducted within the last three years).

Use of recreational vehicles, tents, RV’s, accessory structures or fish houses to obtain additional occupancy is prohibited.

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