What are the general license requirements of a Short-Term Rental in Chisago County?
  • Short-Term Rental operations shall conform to all City and Township Ordinances, if so enacted, and may be further restricted or prohibited as so determined by a host City or Township.
  • Proof of non-revocable property liability insurance coverage suitable for the commercial liability coverage of the Short-Term Rental operation during the term of the license. In satisfaction of this requirement a "Rental Endorsement" or other "occasional rental use" acknowledgement should be identified on the insurance document provided.
  • Proof of Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Lodging License and/or acknowledgement from the licensee and/or property owner identifying that a MDH Lodging Licensee review of the Short-Term Rental is currently in process. Check out the MDH website for information on Lodging in Minnesota. For contact information, please refer to the MDH "Local Book" (PDF) which is updated frequently with the contact information for all Lodging staff across the state. You will need to check out the information specific for Chisago County to find the assigned inspector’s contact information. The general number for MDH Metro that will offer direction on state lodging regulations can be reached by calling 651-201-4500.
  • Proof of no past due property taxes applicable to the rental property.
  • The Short-Term Rental must be connected to an approved Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS), septic system, with a valid Certificate of Compliance issued within the past three (3) years. Properties served by a central (city or community) sanitary sewer system are exempt from this requirement.
  • Garbage, refuse, and recycling services are required. All refuse and garbage storage shall be kept in fly-tight, watertight rodent-proof containers and shall be stored within a building or screened and secured enclosure.
  • The Owner is required to keep a guest registration report detailing the use of the home, identification of guests and guest vehicle license information for a period of one (1) year. The guest registration information of current rental occupants are to be kept open to the inspection of all state and local law enforcement officers in real-time at the property upon request.
  • Enforcement of quiet hours, vehicle parking, and site use standards as outlined within the Ordinance.
  • Provide and distribute property contact information to the county, renter(s), and each adjacent land owner as outlined within the Ordinance AND respond to any issue or complaint raised from said notified parties within three (3) hours of any such point of contact.
  • Provide each renter, in a form that is readily retained and posted/deliverable on-site, information identifying maximum occupancy, emergency contacts (police, fire, hospital, and septic tank pumper), rental unit address, and operational guidelines and rules including proof of license and any special license obligations, conditions, and restrictions to abide by.
  • Post the complete rental unit address inside the rental unit in a readily accessible and visible location and post the rental unit address outside in a manner that is clear and visible from the street.
  • This ordinance does not ensure compliance with Minnesota State Fire Code or Minnesota Department of Health Rules. It is the responsibility of the Owner and Owner’s Authorized Agent to comply with all local, state and federal laws beyond that of this ordinance and to disclose such compliance to all renters during the time of occupancy.

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