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Kost Dam County Park: Shelter #1

Subfacility of Kost Dam County Park

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SHELTER FEE: Weekday, excluding Holidays = $35; County Residents/Businesses: Weekends & Holidays = $60. NON-County Residents/Businesses: Weekends & Holidays = $75.

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  1. Picnic Shelter - Kost Dam (24 occupancy)
  2. Restrooms/County Parks - Primitive

Click on the button [Request Reservation] to the left of the map to submit a shelter reservation.

PLEASE NOTE:  Each request must be submitted separately and be for one specific date. Multiple dates will be denied. Also, you may only request shelter reservations for the current year.


  • Standard grill located adjacent to shelter.
  • Primitive Restroom is located 650' from the shelter and is always open.
  • You must walk across the bridge over the Sunrise River to get to the restroom.
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