Who can apply for services?

Any individual seeking a Rule 25 assessment to determine substance use disorders MUST apply themselves, regardless of age. Minors have the right to apply on their own, without parental consent. Incarcerated individuals should speak with jail program staff regarding processes available to them to apply.

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1. Who can apply for services?
2. With whom will my information be shared?
3. If I have insurance, will I qualify for Rule 24 funding?
4. Can I get a Rule 25 assessment the same day I call?
5. If a Rule 25 assessment is court ordered, will I be seen faster?
6. Where can I go for treatment?
7. How will I pay for treatment?
8. I think my loved one has a problem - What can I do?
9. I still have questions - Who do I contact?
10. What other Resources are available?