Are you able to assist with street naming and house numbering?

The Geographic Information System (GIS) Office is responsible for naming new streets and assigning addresses. If the new street is part of a plat, please contact the GIS Office by calling 651-213-8213 before the plant is finalized, to aid in naming said streets.

House numbers are assigned when the building permit has been applied for. Please contact the Environmental Services/Zoning Department for applying for Building Permits by calling 651-213-8370.

Back in 1999, Chisago County went through a process of upgrading their 911 System. During this process, the County reviewed its current street addressing scheme. It was determined that in order to make Chisago County’s 911 System work as accurately and efficiently as possible, that a county-wide "re-addressing" project was in order. Due to this project, streets and house numbers are assigned based on a grid-system. You can see the generalized grid on the Chisago County Highway Map.

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